Thesis / Dissertation Editing

I only undertake academic editing work as I believe this is where my strengths and expertise lie. I have edited successfully for students and candidates from many universities, both in Australia and overseas, from many different faculties. View testimonials here…

Good academic writing is all about clear communication of your ideas. Having your work edited can help ensure that your reader is not distracted by errors in grammar, punctuation, syntax problems or repetition. Good editing can also ensure that referencing and formatting guidelines are adhered to.

Many postgraduate students are now having their dissertations and thesis manuscripts edited before final submission.

Postgraduate students and PhD candidates from a range of discipline areas and from universities both in Australia and overseas have used the services of Academic Editing.

In the editing of your thesis or dissertation, I follow guidelines from the Deans & Directors of Graduate Studies and the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd).

The following pdfs provide information on the editing guidelines used by Academic Editing.